45th Annual EEMGS conference, 14th-18th August 2016, Copenhagen

14 August 2016
Blegdamsvej 3B, 2200 KĂžbenhavn, Denmark

The EEMGS are pleased to announce their 45th annual conference to be held between the 14th-18th August 2016 in the Panum Building, University of Copenhagen.

Details of the conference can be found on their website, and the title of the meeting is ‘Bridging genomics, human environmental health risk assessment and the 3Rs in animal science’ with the themes detailed below:

Monday 15th

Stream A: Nanosafety and genotoxicology
Stream B: Environmental health – air pollution

Tuesday  16th

Stream A: Impurities and genotoxicity testing in medicines and products
Stream B: Biomarkers

Wednedsday 17th

Stream A: Regulatory challenges in genotoxicity
Stream B: DNA repair and cancer

Thursday 18th

3Rs in genotoxicology, coorganised with ECOPA

The deadline date for abstracts for travel grants, awards and oral presentations is 29th April. The deadline for abstracts for posters and for early bird registration is 10th June.

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