2019 UKEMS Conference Top-Up Bursary

UKEMS will provide a £200 bursary to all UKEMS members to subsidise attendance at the 2019 UKEMS/BTS Conference, 15-17th April, 2019, Robinsons College, Cambridge. UKEMS Members can apply for the 2019 UKEMS Conference Top-Up Bursary by returning the completed Application Form along with evidence of registration and payment to the UKEMS Treasurer.

To be eligible for the 2019 UKEMS Conference Top-Up Bursary, applicants must have been a UKEMS member for longer than 9 months prior to the time of the annual conference. Applicants falling outside this criteria may be considered at the discretion of the committee. UKEMS Members reciving a UKEMS Conference bursary will not be eligable for the Top-Up Bursary.

Applications must be made to the UKEMS Treasurer using the appropriate application form (see 'Files' below) along with evidence of registration and payment. The deadline for applications for the 2019 UKEMS Conference Top-Up Bursary is Friday 17th May 2019. UKEMS will not accept applications received after this deadline.

If UKEMS receives too many applications, the awards will be made on the basis of one per institute and/or on a first-come-first-served basis. Members who receive UKEMS Conference Bursaries remain eligible for UKEMS Presentation/Poster Awards at the conference. They can also still apply for one further travel award in the same year. 


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